Tuesday, September 15, 2015

We Love Receiving Holiday Cards

My family loves to get cards in the mail. Noah loves getting mail, especially cards. He recently turned nine years old and my sister and brother in law sent him a card. Unfortunately, there was a mishap at the post office and their card didn’t make it in the envelope to our house. I had to tell Noah what happened because he was expecting the card and looking forward to it. He was really sad about the card. It wasn’t like there was anything in the card. He just likes cards. We keep them. I have cards from my grandparents, letters from family when I was at camp, and even a birthday card I got in first grade signed by all the kids in my first grade class.  It’s fun to look back and share them with Noah. We don’t always save every card we get though. We keep the special ones and sometimes reuse them for different projects. Sometimes I will scrapbook with them or include a special card in a page. My grandma was notorious for recycling cards. My Grandma Rose had so many friends. She also was in many clubs and well my mom has over 50 first cousins on one side of the family.  The amount of cards my Grandma received at Christmas was always insane.  She would use them as bookmarks, cut the picture off and use it in a craft project among other things. She wanted to keep them all I am sure but in a few years her house would be covered in cards.  I think she even made placemats out of Christmas card pictures and contact paper to protect it. Every card made her smile and I loved looking through her huge basket of cards and asking her who each person was. I felt like I learned more about my family through the cards.

Here’s an awesome article about Recycled Holiday Cards

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