Wednesday, September 16, 2015

We Love Collecting Nature

Noah and I like to experience nature together. We like to collect different leaves and make rubbings. We like to collect different shells from beaches all over the country. We also like to collect rocks from different places. We never collect living things and we make sure any shells we collect have nothing living inside. We have an extensive shell collection and I know that Noah can name every kind of shell out there. He even impresses the shell club when we go to the shell show and the shell shop employees every time. I remember when he made a shell collection at the shell show, he would name the shell without looking at the diagram or asking anyone. One of my favorite projects in school was when we had to make a leaf collection. I was really excited about it. It was like a scavenger hunt. I still have the leaf collection from over twenty years ago. I know that the only thing that has survived is the paper I glued the leaves to. There are little pieces of crushed up leaves in the box it is in still.

 I would love to create a road trip nature scavenger hunt with Noah. We always collect things from other places, but I read an article and it gave me the idea to do it.  When we were at my aunt and uncles house in the mountains, Noah collected so many rocks that we had to leave most of them behind.  I am sure they will slowly make it to our house as my aunt and uncle visit each time.  Noah wanted to bring it all back with us, but that would have made some very heavy suitcases.  Noah found an arrowhead too on my aunt and uncle property. That carefully made it home with us in a carry on. I would love to make lists of each place we go and if we can find all the nature, we can go for ice cream or share a special treat together. I wish I would have read the article years ago. I really love it.

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