Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Traveling out West

Noah and I love to travel and go on road trips together. For locations that are too far to drive like out west, we like to fly and rent a car. We don’t always go on really long road trips in the rental car, it’s usually a day trip to the beach or somewhere fun to check out. I would love for him to see all 50 states by the time he is 21. I think that would be an amazing experience to share together. He has already been to quite a few of them.  I would like to take another trip out west. I would like to make it longer and check out other states other than Nevada and California. We would of course visit my aunt and uncle in California for at least 4 or 5 days. We have discussed going for longer so we can take some side trips like we did in San Francisco and to see the Pacific Ocean. I really like Montana although I have never been there. My aunt and uncle travel across the country at least once a year to come visit. I would love to go back with them sometime and experience that amazing journey.  I would also love to go to Utah and see what it has to offer. I had a friend on AOL many years ago that lived in Utah. Anywhere you go there is always something to see. You may have to look harder than other places. Not every state has amusement parks or beaches. It’s fun to seek out different places to travel to. I was reading an article about Roadside attractions in Utah, it sounds like an interesting place to visit. Hopefully someday we will go to Utah and the other states we have yet to explore.

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