Wednesday, September 16, 2015

GPS and Heated Seats Please

When you buy a new car, you have to decide on what accessories you want in your car. Everyone has their own personal preferences what they want. I would love a GPS in my car, my mom however doesn’t want one. I find it funny when she asks me to look up directions to places when I am sitting in the passenger seat. I always use the map app on my phone and when it starts talking she always comments about it. I always talk back to the app. I am silly like that. One time it was giving us difficult directions and I told it to be quiet and that we couldn’t find it. My mom told me that she can hear me. We could get really lost, if I made the voice mad. She was of course joking. I think that my mom is kind of leery about it giving directions because there’s always a rare chance it could be wrong. My mom is definitely a maps girl. She still pulls out the maps when we are going places. Of course they are pretty old ones. We haven’t gotten lost yet. If we did we could always rely on a GPS to save the day.

 I would like my car to have heated seats. It would be really nice to have in the winter. Of course my mom doesn’t need heated seats because she lives in Florida. She would only use them when she is up here visiting us. Even then I don’t think she would want them. I think we both would want satellite radio. I prefer lots of music selections and my mom is all about talk radio. I grew up listening to Rush Limbaugh, Dick Crumb and Dr. Laura on road trips. It was always interesting. Noah loves the Rush Revere books and so he calls him Rush Limbog. It’s really a great series and it gets kids interested in history.

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