Sunday, August 9, 2015

We were Unprepared for our Road Trip

As the summer is winding down, you might want to sneak in one last road trip. Sometimes you can think a road trip sounds like fun but if you aren’t prepared for the long drive, you can have a huge problem.  We recently decided to go on a road trip at the last minute. We were going to fly, but I decided to save the money and hassle of flying and just go by car. We drove down to Florida. We weren’t really prepared as we should have been. We forgot all kinds of things. I forgot to bring an extra pillow for myself to sleep with in the car. I finally was able to find a pillow pet to use. It was a very long drive. We didn’t bring enough snacks, so that resulted in having to buy them at a gas station. I didn’t put enough ice in our cooler.  I forgot to bring my iPod and headphones to listen to music. I didn’t really care about my iPod as much as having headphones. I did realize when we were flying home that my headphones and iPod were in my computer case, so I had them the whole time. We also brought too much stuff with us. That’s really easy when you are on a road trip, but I kind of forgot that we were flying home. It made for some very interesting and heavy carry-on bags. I did remember to bring blankets because I get cold really easily, unfortunately, I didn’t plan how I was going to get them home. There was no room in our bags for blankets or even a stick of gum.  We did plan and got some books on tape that we all enjoyed listening to. That did help pass the time but it was a long drive. It was fun but next time I need to plan better.

Here’s a great article about what most people forget to pack on their road trip.

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