Friday, August 7, 2015

Themed Road Trips

I would love to go on themed road trips someday. I wish there was a company that offered these. I would love to go on several different ones. I would love to go on a serial killer site road trip. I am not sure why, I just find it really interesting.  I would love to go to Lizzie Borden’s house.  I know she’s not a serial killer but it would be neat. I would also like to tour Alcatraz.  I would also like to go on a movie road trip and visit different places movies were filmed.  You would be surprised where you think its filmed vs where it really is filmed.  I love movies and it would be fun to reenact scenes from my favorite movies.
I would also love to go on a history road trip. I would like to visit places that were important in the civil war or American Revolution.  I would love to take Noah to Washington DC and visit different places.  A culinary tour would be lots of fun because I love to eat. I would like to just travel all over and eat at different places that are special and vlog it. I would also like to go on different food factory tours and see how things are made. I am kind of a dork. It would be so much fun to plan all these trips out and see America too.  Noah wants to go to all the aquariums in the United States. We have made a good dent in them so far. It would be fairly easy to plan with the internet and a good GPS.  I think I will try and plan a themed road trip for next summer. I will definitely get Noah’s input and start planning and saving now.

Here’s a great post about a culinary road trip

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