Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Noah the Fish and Pool Safety

Noah has always been a fish. I took him swimming when he was a baby. I would just hold him in the water and dance with him in my arms. When he was a toddler, he would dip his face in the water. He loved the water. As he got older, he started to try to swim. Now he has his very own snorkel and mask. He does flips underwater and will swim every chance he gets. It’s really important to teach your children how to swim and to be comfortable around water. There are things you need to teach them to be safe. I still have to remind Noah to walk when he is around water. It’s also usually slippery. He is really good at stopping and walking. I also don’t let him swim alone.  I make sure there is someone with him. We don’t have our own pool. I also make sure he is safe around kiddie pools when we have ours in the backyard.

Accidents can happen in an instant. It is really important to watch your children. One time Noah was just standing on the stairs of a pool.  He ended up falling in and my sister jumped in fully clothed and grabbed him. It was really scary. Thankfully he was ok and that my sister who was a lifeguard was right there and thought fast. Noah wasn’t as good of a swimmer as he is now. Lifeguards are great. I try to swim in places where they are available. They are becoming scarcer unfortunately.  I rarely see them at the beach anymore.  Water does make me nervous. I make sure that I am close, I am not on my phone, or doing anything that could distract me from keeping Noah safe.  Nothing is more important than my son.

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