Thursday, August 6, 2015

I Want New Travel Gadgets

While when my family goes on road trips, I don’t usually allow Noah to spend time on gadgets. I do think some gadgets are great to have that serve a purpose. There are many cool gadgets out there that will help your road trip be better.  I am open to letting Noah watch movies in the backseat with a portable DVD player and headphones. However I wouldn’t want him to do it the whole trip.  We like to listen to books on tape too.  A satellite radio is a must have gadget to listen to all kinds of music. No one really plays CD’s anymore. If your child is listening to music or a movie, headphones are important if it’s something like Barney or Everything is Awesome on repeat for the fifteenth time.

 I just learned that there are car seat coolers that keep your baby cool in the car. I wish I would have known that when Noah was a baby. He was a juicy sweaty baby.  I never thought to bring a handheld vacuum cleaner in a car. That is brilliant. Noah is a messy eater. He eats a lot of cereal and crackers in the car. It would be so easy just to vacuum it out at a rest stop. Since its battery operated, you won’t need a plug.  No more soggy snacks or leaky coolers with a car cooler because you won’t need to worry about bags of ice. It really stinks when you go to fill up the cooler with ice and you find out you have none. Bags of ice are available but the ice is usually in huge chunks and it makes it hard to put in your cooler. I am going to look for these things for our next road trip and hopefully not have to worry about the cooler leaking or mountains of crumbs in the backseat.

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