Saturday, August 8, 2015

Do Not Drink and Drive

Drinking and driving is one of the stupidest things you can do. Many people like to go out and drink at bars or clubs. Not everyone always plans ahead.  When you drink your brain is impaired. You may think you are ok to drive, but honestly, you aren’t. Only a couple drinks is not ok to drive. You should be completely sober.  Have a designated driver, or call a cab. If you are close to a bar, walk. There is no reason to get behind the wheel of a car when you drink. Many teens go out and get drunk and then drive. It’s not worth it. If you are embarrassed, get over it. I am going to be one of those parents that will come get Noah when he gets older if he drinks. Not that I want him to and he will be in trouble for drinking but I will still go get him so he doesn’t have to drive. When you drink and drive, you are making the choice to endanger yourself, anyone who happens to be in the car with you, and anyone on the road.  You need to make sure you don’t do it.

If you are an adult and decide to drink, be an adult and make sure you are safe about it. When I was a freshman in high school, there was a guy who I was friends with, he was in the car with some friends.  This boy played basketball, was very smart and popular. He was the model high school student.  They were driving down the road and they were hit by a drunk driver.  They were all sober.  Blake, the smart basketball player, was in a wheelchair. He couldn’t move, he couldn’t talk he was basically a shell. He passed away in 2003. If that driver would have decided not to drink and drive that night, who knows what Blake would be doing right now. He would probably be a lawyer or play for the NBA. Just because you have been lucky in the past doesn’t mean that you will be lucky anymore.  You can also get in a lot of legal trouble for drinking and driving.

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