Monday, August 10, 2015

Decorating Your Car with Car Decals

Car decals are a fun way to decorate your car. You can find all kinds of things to decorate it and give it your own personality. I remember my mom had a Caribbean Soul window cling on her car.  It’s a great way to express yourself.  My best friend has her blog url on her van.  Decals are usually different than bumper stickers. Bumper stickers are permanent. You can usually remove decals or what I refer to as window clings. They are made out of plastic that just stick to the window. A bumper sticker is an actual sticker. You can buy car decals and use them to decorate your windows in your house. I think it would be fun to buy holiday window clings and decorate your car.  You have to be careful though, so it doesn’t block your vision while you are driving. You can use them to show your support for a cause or charity.

I used to have quite a few car decals. I had a couple Grateful Dead bears, a Phish window cling and a few other assorted items. Car decals can also come as a magnet that you can move around whenever you like. Make sure you remove it before you go through the car wash though. The car wash can cause damage.  Car decals are a safe way to give your car flair without damaging the paint or the pain of removing a bumper sticker.  When I first started buying car decals I was limited to the local music store or the mall. You only could choose from the selection in stock. Now you can buy them online and your options are limitless. If you wanted something special, you can get it custom made. It’s really easy to design online and it’s sent to your home. It’s also a cheap way to advertise your business on your vehicle.  I think I would get one that says “I love you more.” In memory of my Grandma Rose.

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What kind of car decal would you have made?

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