Friday, July 10, 2015

We are a Tech Free Travel Family

Noah has daily computer time almost every day. He has to earn it by either having a good day at school or behaving in the morning. He is such a great kid that he almost always earns it. When we travel however, he doesn’t get any screen time other than occasionally watching a little TV. I usually travel with my laptop and I always have my phone. He knows not to ask for tech time because I want to spend time doing other things on vacations. He will occasionally ask when we are flying and I normally say no. I like to conserve my phone battery for when we reach our destination. Finding an outlet at the airport can be tricky because others are already plugged in. Some have multiple devices plugged in too. I have thought about traveling with a power strip so more people can charge at once.

I am sure you are wondering what exactly I do to entertain Noah during travel and vacations. 
Thankfully Noah loves to read and draw. He used to love to color with crayons but he has since graduated to colored pencils because they are easier for him and they don’t melt in the hot car. He also loves to write stories and make comic books. He loves making reference books about fish, sea life and space. He also has created some of his own characters.  He will often make origami or puppets too.  On vacation it’s self I try to plan activities where he’s not bored and doesn’t even think about it. We love to go to the beach, swim in the pool and go for walks. There is almost always places we can go that are fun too.  I love that technology is not part of our travel and vacation because really you can do that anywhere. We travel to visit new places or to see people we love.

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