Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Synvisc medicine

Osteoarthritis is one of the worst things that can affect our knees. It is a specific form of arthritis that eats away cartilage which is present between our bones. In time, it completely depletes it, leaving our knees unprotected. Given that the cartilage serves as a protective layer, without it, our bones start rubbing each other leading to inflammation, pain, creation of mineral deposits on the surface of the knees and after a while it can completely render us immovable.

 It is very important for patient to notice osteoarthritis in time. Most of the people feel pain in their joints and they think that it is nothing special. In time, that pain becomes more frequent and stronger. When the person realizes that he or she is suffering from this condition, it is too late. The cartilage is almost gone and there is no procedure or drug which can restore it. When it comes to osteoarthritis, prevention and control are the only things that we can do.

Scientists are still not completely certain what causes this disease. In some cases, it can be quite erratic, affecting people who don’t belong to any risk group. Like any other disease, it can be hereditary. Also, there are various mechanical factors that lead to it. Simply put, the more we stress our knees, the easier it becomes to get osteoarthritis. Individuals who are performing physical activity that stresses their joints as well as professional athletes are likely to suffer from this disease. It can also be caused by bad diet, lack of vitamins and minerals. Most people notice first symptoms of osteoarthritis in their forties. Women are the riskier group. This is most likely connected with menopause and depletion of estrogen. Even though osteoarthritis affects older people, younger individuals can suffer from it as well. This usually happens due to a severe trauma to the knees.

Best ways to treat this condition is to take drugs such as Synvisc, to change diet and include more vitamins and calcium, to include exercises and physical activity (in controlled environment if possible) and at the same time, to avoid any stress or trauma to the knees. Only then, patient is able to reduce symptoms of osteoarthritis and prevent further damage. 

Synvisc is one of the most popular drugs that are used for this particular condition. It is based on substance called hylan G-F 20 and people who are allergic to this component should avoid the drug all together. Synvisc serves as a gel that substitutes natural cartilage. As long as the substance is present between the knees, it is possible to reduce stress. In certain cases, drug should not be administered. Besides potential allergy, knee inflammation or infection can prevent patient from using the medicine. People who are allergic to bird products and those who have circulation issues, may experience various difficulties when using Synvisc. According to Medica Depot team, there are numerous issues that can occur after using this drug. Patients usually experience different types of knee or skin irritations, bruising, swelling, and it can even cause headache, muscle fatigue, dizziness and other minor problems. 

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