Saturday, July 11, 2015

Planning your Vacation Online

I do almost everything online. I work online, I shop online, I pay bills online, I even have ordered groceries online. I have even started planning vacations online. I don’t take online vacations though, that would be silly. I like to book hotel rooms online because it is easier and safer in my opinion than calling on the phone. I seem to also be able to find better rates online since there are so many sites you can now book from. Some are dedicated to finding the cheapest rates available by searching all the deal sites. I really enjoy saving on my trip. Most of the places we drive to are far enough away that we have to stay in a hotel on the road. Unless we are visiting family, we also stay in a hotel at our destination. Even when we go visit certain family we sometimes stay in a hotel for space reasons.

Before everything was online and there were apps and websites for everything, you used to go to places like AAA to map out your route. They would give you books and maps and even plan your route for you. Now we can do it online, and we no longer have to look for maps or bulky books with directions.  You can just plug it in your map app and you are good to go.  Travel agents used to be the one who planned the bulk of everyone’s trips. You were planning a cruise or a trip to Disney World, you called your travel agent. Now we are our own travel agents.  We handle all the planning ourselves through booking online, tracking our own routes and even review sites where we can find out what’s great and what is not.

There are many great sites that will help you plan the perfect road trip. Be sure to read this article about planning your car trip online.

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