Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Natural Leigh Pain Spray Review

Everyone hurts themselves at some point. Usually it is something small like burning yourself on the stove, slamming your finger in the door, or bumping something on the furniture. As we age our bones and muscles get sore, if you are a parent you can get some serious headaches. Sometimes my head hurts for no reason what so ever. I am very lucky that I don’t suffer from Fibromyalgia or Arthritis. I have several friends who have Fibromyalgia and I don’t even know how they deal with it. I have a really low tolerance for pain. I am also not a fan of taking pain medicine unless I absolutely have to. When I had my tumor, I was a slave to my medicines. It was the only way I could function after surgery. I recently learned about a product called Natural Leigh Pain Spray. It’s an all-natural pain spray that is something you can throw in your purse or car or use anywhere.  It comes in two sizes 2 ounces and 4 ounces. The smaller one is great for on the go, and you can fly with it in your carry on.  You don’t have to worry about finding a drink of water on the plane or as you are going through the airport.  When we travel I get stuck carrying all the bags most of the time.  My son loves to read, I am talking twenty books in the suitcases and carryon bags. So by the time we get to our destination, I am so sore I can barely move.  I just went in the restroom and sprayed myself with Natural Leigh Pain Spray. I wish I had it a long time ago. It definitely helped a lot.

Here is some information from their website:

Pain Free is a natural pain relief spray that will reduce or eliminate the pain felt by its users. Created with all natural ingredients like eucalyptus oil and vitamin E, Pain Free can increase circulation and reduce inflammation without the aid of over-the-counter medications.

Pain Free can change a person’s life for the better. Natural ingredients include no harmful side effects, unlike many over-the-counter or prescription medications, and the formula’s all natural oils are beneficial to both the inside and outside of a user’s body.

Customers who have used the natural pain relief spray, Pain Free, to reduce pain or muscle soreness will attest to its effectiveness in treating numerous and varied conditions. Pain Free has not only helped a large number of people feel better, it has improved their lives significantly.

Pain Free can also be used in the home to kill dust mites or used in a vaporizer to reduce coughing and congestion. Different oils, including eucalyptus oil, work together to treat a sore or clean a roomIn addition to its large array of uses, Pain Free calms even the most frantic of minds.

Pain Free users can relax in a hot tub after adding a capful of Pain Free into its waters to soak away their stressful day and ease a wide range of aches and pains.

I thought it would be great for Noah too because it’s quick, easy and painless. It really works too. He thinks it may be magic.  For kids sometimes it’s more about the act of bumping something or getting a small scrape more than the actual pain of it. No matter what happened it always a million times worse when they see blood even if it’s a simple scrape or a scab fell off.  I am going to be honest and say that I did have to leave the room the first time Noah got shots and cried the first time I saw him bleed. A couple sprays of Natural Leigh Pain Spray and he’s back on his merry way.

 Noah and I have started making crafts together a lot lately. We always make crafts but it has become an almost daily event. We like to use pipe cleaners, googly eyes and pompoms to make all kinds of random things. It’s a lot of fun. I let Noah have creative reign and I just help him. I have been using my glue gun a lot. There isn’t really another way to craft with these materials. Noah wanted to make an alligator out of pipe cleaners and googly eyes. I went to glue the pipe cleaners together and wasn’t paying attention and I burned the tip of my finger with my hot glue gun. It hurt so badly. My mom called moments later and I told her what I had done. She told me to put ice on it to prevent swelling. I did, it didn’t really help. You could feel how hot it was even after the hot glue was taken off. I had remembered that I had just received Natural Leigh Pain Free Spray in the mail and I read the brochure when I opened it, and I remembered it said something about working on burns. I frantically looked for my bottle of Natural Leigh and applied it to my poor little finger. Of course, it was on my left hand and I am left handed. I also type for a living so not having my pointer finger in working order would be hard.  After spraying it, my finger felt a lot better.  I have also sprayed friends of mine. We went bowling one day and we were all pretty sore, because we don’t bowl often, and we all felt so much better. I sprayed my leg and the pain was gone instantly.

For more information and to order Natural Leigh Pain Spray  You will be very glad you did.

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