Thursday, June 25, 2015

I Wish you could Trade in Everything

I wish everything had a trade in program. Every time you wanted to purchase something big like a tv or appliance you could trade in your old one. It would definitely help when you would like a new item. Of course you would have to worry about condition and somethings don't retain value like cars. Most people don't buy certain things unless they are broken so I am not too sure how well that would work.  There would have to be different used repair shops for everything. Thankfully when you buy a used car, you can trade in your old car to help you with your purchase. Some dealers don't really care about the condition because they can usually fix them up and get them working really well. It can be very helpful and help you save.  It is also great because you don’t have to worry about what to do with the old car too.  Selling a car privately can be a major pain and it could sit for weeks or months and arranging showings can be inconvenient.

Be sure to read my post about why you should do a used car trade in.

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