Wednesday, June 24, 2015

I love saving Money on Big Purchases

I love to save money. I am very good at budgeting and making informed decisions about buying things. I definitely use coupons and shop with sales. I even make myself wait a period of time if I am not sure I want to buy it. It limits impulse buys. If I am shopping online I will compare prices too.  I like to shop around and make pro and con lists. If it's a big purchase such as a used car I do my research and see how I can get the most for my money.  I definitely think of all the angles and possibilities.  It’s funny because I never used to make pro and con lists when I was younger. You can save money and get more for your money when you buy a used car.  Each person is different and you have to decide what’s best for you.  As the adult, I have to make those decisions for my family and see what is best. For me personally a used car is the right decision for us. So I will be buying a used car.

To see what all I considered check out my post about saving money on a used car.

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