Friday, May 22, 2015

Why I Use a List when I go on a Road Trip

When I go on vacation, I always make a list because I don't want to forget something. I do really well with making a list.  It is so expensive when you forget to pack something and you have to pay for it in a hotel gift shop or a beach store. They know you don't really have much of a choice so they charge whatever they want. I remember when we went to Disney World and I forgot to pack aloe. I ended up spending $14 on a bottle of it because I was so sunburned. It's also really important to remember to take with you some travel essentials when you go on a cruise. There is no other option to shop anywhere except locally and if you are at sea you are out of luck. I also remember a time when CD players were still big having my batteries run out at the airport and having to buy batteries at the airport to listen to music. I know I didn’t really need the batteries, but it helps when I listen to music when I fly. It makes the flight go by so much faster.  Sometimes you don't want to go to a big store or that's just not an option. Depending on where you visit, you may not have access to a car.  My aunt and uncle live in the mountains and the closest store is thirty minutes away. I love visiting my aunt and uncle because we just hang out and watch movies and chat the whole time. We sometimes do a little sightseeing and have a great time.  You can prevent these worries by making sure you have everything you need when you’re traveling. When you are driving in the car, it can waste time if you have to stop at a store that you can't find. 

As you are packing for your summer trips check out my list of road trip essentials.

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