Saturday, May 23, 2015

Please Keep your Car Clean

Cleaning your car can be annoying but it has its benefits. It is so much easier if you go out with friends or have people in your car. I don’t like when Noah has to ride in a dirty car. It also takes longer when they have to clean out their car to make room with you waiting. It can also cause you to hit your head on flying soda bottles and other trash if you are in an accident. Mom cars are gross a lot of the time. You can find lots of stuff like half eaten fruit, sippy cups with old milk or juice in them, or maybe a handful of cheerios on the floor. Toddlers will eat cereal that they find on the seat or in their car seat. When Noah was a baby and toddler I was so happy when I realized that his car seat cover was washable. It was washed often because there was always something spilled on it or rubbed in to it. It was a mess. I think that sand is one of the worst things you can have in your car. It is so hard to clean up. I remember taking Noah to the beach, and using the showers and still finding lots of sand in the car and in his car seat. It didn’t help that there is naturally sand everywhere too. I remember how dirty the car would get on road trips too. Especially when we would constantly have fast food in the car. My family was always good about using bags to throw stuff away and emptying out the trash when we were stopped.  I think that is an important habit to get your children in to so they are more likely to keep their car clean when they are older.

Here are some quick clean car tips to help you keep safe.

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