Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Noah loves Movies about Travel

Noah loves the Cars series. The first time he saw Cars 2 was when he really started to love movies. I had tried to watch movies with him before that because I am a huge movie buff. I wanted to pass it along to Noah. He instantly loved Lightning McQueen and Mater. He couldn’t wait for it to come out on DVD. He hadn’t seen Cars before we saw Cars 2. We actually watched Cars on the Disney Cruise. They had free Disney movies you could order from your stateroom. We ended up watching Cars every night of the cruise. I also purchased the movie when we got home. I also pre-ordered Cars 2. I think that he likes Cars 2 more though. We love to have movie nights together where we watch a movie with popcorn. I would let Noah pick out the movie and for months we watched Cars 2 every week. I like the Cars movies too. I think they are really cute.

 There are so many cute travel movies out there. I really like Radio Flyer too. I remember seeing it in theaters. It was a very sad movie though. I recently watched Radio Flyer again and I was like woah….I totally missed something. I thought he flew away at the end because it was fantasy but other people think there’s a couple different endings.  I am not sure which I believe though even now. I like to still believe that he flew away even now. The other theories are ones that would ruin my childhood. I also forgot how sad the movie really is. I remembered there was abuse but I think now that I am a mom it just is different.  I also used to love Follow that Bird. If Noah knew that I liked a movie about Big Bird as a big kid he would think I am so silly. We have definitely moved way out of the Sesame Street phase at my house.

Here’s a great list about Road Trip movies for Kids.

What’s your favorite kid’s road trip movie?

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