Thursday, May 7, 2015

My Top 8 Subscription Boxes

When I was younger, I loved when they had grab bags at stores. I used to buy them every chance I got. They had them at the dollar store and sometimes at the drug store full of teen toiletries. It was always exciting to get a surprise. You never knew what you would find inside. You usually knew what kind of items you would find, but never what. I used to love when I went to a party and they would give you a wrapped up surprise as a party favor or as a party game. Now companies have updated the same idea of surprises in the form of subscription boxes. They are monthly boxes that you don’t know what is inside but they usually have a theme like kids, pets or beauty items. You pay a small monthly fee and every month you receive some awesome goodies.  They also make a great gift!
 There are so many different types of subscription boxes. If you don’t know where to look you may miss some really great subscription boxes. Thankfully there is CrateJoy who has them all in one place. Sometimes I hear about them from TV or a friend but I always forget which one they are mentioning. CrateJoy makes it so easy, gives ratings and you can even sign up for multiple subscriptions really easily.

Here are my top 8 subscription boxes:

Box O’ Munch is a subscription box for those who love to snack. I love to snack but, I don’t always like to have healthy snacks. Box O’ Munch contains things like candy, chips and cookies. You receive 10-15 pieces of awesome treats a month.

Nerd Block is a monthly subscription box that is full of nerdy things. My son would love this subscription block. It could have Star Wars items, Pokémon, and other “nerd” items.  It would be a fun monthly surprise for kids or anyone who likes Star Wars, comic books, or Pokémon. It also comes in its very own block which is really cool.

Benko Box is a box full of everything you would need to make a masterpiece for kids. Noah is a great artist. This box contains 10-12 art supplies each month. This box is great because buying art supplies can be expensive. You also have to plan out what you want to make. Benko Box gives you other art supplies to use that you might not think about using.

Faithbox is a subscription box full of items that will help inspire Christian living. It contains items that are good for the planet and others. They also feed a needy child for every box you buy. Faithbox is truly inspirational and would make a great gift for my neighbors who are always helping others.

A Little Bundle would be a great gift for a new baby. A Little Bundle is a subscription box full of items for baby and mom. It contains items that your baby will love. It’s a great way to keep the gifts coming after they are home from the hospital.  There is a clothing item in each bundle. Such a fun surprise for any new mom.


Hamptons Lane is the ultimate kitchen monthly subscription box. You can find recipes, kitchen gadgets and Artisan food items. I love to cook and try new things. This box would be something fun for me because I have a kitchen gadget collection. Each month there is a different theme so you will always get a great variety.

Flicker Box is a really cool artisan candle subscription box. You receive candles from candle artists from around the United States. I love candles and I really think that they help make your home warm and welcome.  I don’t think you can ever have too many candles.

Darby Smart is a mystery monthly box full of DIY items. You never know what you are going to get to make that month. It could be perfume or it could be a cool craft for your kids. I would love this box because I love to make things and I love surprises. I know I would wait each month for it to arrive.

What are your favorite subscription boxes? For more information and many more subscription boxes check out Cratejoy.

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