Friday, May 8, 2015

Common Microwave Problems & How to Fix Them

A microwave, when it comes to baking, cooking and otherwise preparing food, is a pretty indispensable kitchen item that most of us can't do without. Especially useful for people on the move who don't have time to prepare a long and time-hungry recipe, microwaves also provide a great way to cook healthy and nutritional meals quickly.

But given the popularity of this household appliance and the sheer number of people that now own one, it's not surprising that a few common microwave problems exist when it comes to using them and keeping them maintained. Here we take a look at some of the more frequent ones while also offering suggestions on how to fix them.

Microwave Isn't Working

A machine not working is usually the fault of either the fuse, the safety device that cuts off the electrical current, or the door switch, the thing that seals your appliance shut and allows it to work. A faulty fuse is the more tricky of the two to fix. First you'll want to check this is definitely the problem by switching the mains power on and off and seeing whether it functions. If the case, then replacing the fuse is the only way forward.

The microwave door on the other hand might just be a case of not being closed properly. Check it by opening and closing. If defective, replace it.

Seeing Sparks

Seeing sparks occurring inside a microwave is never a particularly pacifying experience and could mean that something is wrong inside the appliance itself. What you'll want to do is check the internal cavity of your appliance. Has any food leaked, splattered or dripped into the machine causing it to spark? If so remove it and clean.

Grease can also be a culprit possible of causing sparks. Make sure you keep your microwave thoroughly clean and pay close attention to the potentiality of grease accumulating on the ceiling of the appliance.

Sparks might also be caused due to the unequal concentration of energy. A microwave only functions correctly when energy is evenly distributed across a unit. If your microwave stirrer isn't working as it should this can be the reason. Replace either the fan motor or stirrer belt to get it going again.

Turntable Not Functioning

Another frustrating problem can happen when your microwaves turntable fails to work and spin what you place inside of it correctly. This can be amended by checking out the turntable guide in your appliance manual and making sure it is lined up properly in the appliance itself and that nothing is caught in it or under it. Cleaning it can often help as sometimes grease can prevent it moving in the correct manner.

All common microwave problems can be easily solved with a little time and patience. Keeping your appliances clean, well-maintained and fully understanding how they work all help in preventing problems in the first place.

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