Saturday, April 18, 2015

Zany and Wacky Driving Laws

There are some crazy driving laws that have been around for years. I love to read them because some of them are just so out there and funny. Most of the laws we have for driving are very serious and important. We even have to take a test to prove we know them before we can drive. I wonder why none of the silly laws are on there? By silly, I mean the crazy ones about animals or dress codes. I have never seen an elephant in the US outside of the zoo or the circus. They usually don't wander the streets.

Laws are so important to keep us safe. I am not sure if someone would really get a ticket for driving barefoot in Alabama or not. Some of the sillier laws are kind of common sense. I am not even sure how some of these laws even were passed. They are definitely worth a look. I wonder if they were bets that were lost or if there was alcohol involved. Some seem impossible. There are no whales in Tennessee, except at the zoo.

You will probably get a good laugh from my post about crazy driving laws.

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