Thursday, April 16, 2015

The Importance of a Gas Budget

I love to save money on purchases and in general. I have learned somewhere in my adulthood about being careful with money. It really started when I started blogging. I learned quickly that it wasn't always steady each month like a job outside the home. It became something I started doing very quickly. Using tools like coupons and fuel budgets are a great way to really know what you are spending. It will help you know where your gas money is going or even how much you are spending. You can easily cut down.

We budget for food, entertainment and clothes. We often forget about car related expenses like gas. Even with the lower gas prices depending on your mileage you may spend $45 each time you fill up. If you do a lot of driving that has to add up quickly. If you drive a half hour each way to work that can become expensive. Most jobs don't offer reimbursement on fuel. It's just part of having a job. The only way they will reimburse you is if you are traveling for business. I am pretty sure pizza delivery drivers aren't reimbursed for their gas while working. Hopefully they make more to factor in their fuel costs. A fuel budget is pretty important to them because they may find out that delivering pizzas is no longer worth it to them.

Making a fuel budget is really easy and can help you know what you spend on gas each month. Learn how to create a gas budget.

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