Wednesday, April 8, 2015

HomeHero finds Great Caregivers for Seniors

How HomeHero’s Senior Home Care Services Saved Our Family Vacation
By Danielle Estrada

When you are the primary caregiver for a loved one finding the time to take a family vacation can be extremely difficult with all the responsibilities you have on your plate at homeam the primary caregiver for my mother and was recently faced with this challenge when planning our annual family vacation with my husband and kidsLuckily, I found HomeHero and they were able to save the day and facilitate our trip.

My first concern when searching for a senior home care company was finding caregiver I could trust. There is no sense in hiring someone if you are going to be stressing about the care your loved one is receiving while you are on vacation. The point of vacation is to relax! HomeHero help put my mind at ease when they explained the process they go through to vet their caregivers.

HomeHero puts their caregivers through a rigorous screening process.

Each HomeHero caregiver must pass anin-person interview and background check and provide three professional references.

Once I found a company I could trust my next priority was finding a senior home care company I could afford.When doing my research on senior home care companies near me I found they all either required long-term contracts or had hour minimums for care. These policies made the cost to hire a caregiver add up extremely quickly. I was relieved to find HomeHero did not have these types of policies. I was able to hire one of their caregivers for only three hours a day for the five days we were on vacation. Their caregiver stopped by my mom’s everyday at noon and made sure she had something to eat and was comfortable. One day the caregiver even took her to the grocery store to help her do her shopping.  That was nice and my mom really enjoyed it.

My favorite thing about using HomeHero was their user friendly website. I was able to put in a request to find a caregiver online and check out their caregiver profiles prior to choosing someone. Everyday our family was on vacation I received a receipt from their billing department via email that included a voice recording of the caregiver giving me a summary of the day’s eventsThis saved me from having to check in everyday while on vacation.

I can go on and on about how great my family’s experience was using HomeHero. When you are the primary caregiver for a loved one taking time away to unwind is important. Sometimes making that time is easier said then done. HomeHero saved our family vacation and I am very happy I got to introduce their great service to you guys today.

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