Monday, February 23, 2015

YourGymGF App Provides Support for Working Out

Working out takes a village, you need a cheer squad. Before there was social media, you had to call your friends and cheer them on or all work out together. Some people are new to their area and they don’t have work out buddies. They can feel pretty isolated when it comes to working out. When you feel isolated you can give up pretty easily. Thankfully, we can virtually work out with our friends and family all over the world through social media and apps. There is a brand new fitness/lifestyle app for iPhone and Android called YourGymGF, which is ultimately a social network for women that are looking for new ideas on diets, workout plans and ultimately lifestyle changes, as well as motivation/support. The app allows users to stay involved with other users within the community. It sounds amazing especially if you share healthy recipes with your friends. The app is totally free. It is like your very own support system and brainstorming app for all things fitness and being healthy.  It’s also a great Kickstarter campaign you can consider donating to. Every little bit helps. They are trying to add a really cool feature and they need a little help reaching their goal. The new feature would help you by notifying you of new things and lets you notify others of things you want to share with them. 

We all are pretty busy, so we don’t always check in on our apps as much as we would like. Some of us juggle work and parenthood and everything in between.   

If you would like to donate you can do so on the YourGymGF Kickstarter Page

You should also follow YourGymGF on Facebook!

Remember that the app is totally free and fun too!
You can find the app in both iTunes and Android.

Now you have no excuse not to become healthier and support your rockin’ friends along the way.

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