Monday, February 23, 2015

Should You Buy your Teen a Car?

Buying a teen their first car can be fun or very stressful. I watch a lot of court shows and quite often there are parents on the show that purchased their child a car or helped them. Of course the deal didn’t work out the way they hoped so they were in court. I know that this is a common thing for parents and children to experience when they buy from a private person, even more now with sites like Craigslist. Before you would sometimes see cars parked in parking lots with a for sale sign on them. You would call them and check out the car. Now it is easier to be scammed or to get a car for your teen that is unsafe because there is so much easier to find cars. My sister’s first car was a Sterling. Let me tell you that before she owned one I had never heard of Sterling cars. I knew it was British and I knew that it was really hard to find parts for. I am not sure why my dad bought her this car, but it ended up meeting a tragic end shortly after my sister received it. My sister was quite accident prone. They were never really serious accidents.  There was something about a lake but those details are still unknown to me. I think it rolled in to a lake? My sister is the perfect example why you shouldn’t buy a teen a brand new car.  A good used one is your best bet. How can you protect yourself though? Buying a car is a huge purchase. You really need to do your due diligence and make sure you get a good deal and a safe car for your child to drive.  

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