Monday, February 23, 2015

Poisonous Snakes at the Rest Stop

It’s important to be safe at rest stops. We love to travel and go on day trips. One time we were coming back from the outlet mall in Ellington Florida, it started pouring really hard as it tends to do in Florida. We had to pull off the road because we couldn’t see anything. It was honestly pretty scary and not safe to continue driving. Thankfully we found a rest stop to just stop at and wait out the rain. As you know, rain storms like this usually don’t last long in Florida in the rainy season. After the rain stopped, we decided to get out and use the restroom. As the rain was clearing and I could actually see the signs that were right in front of me, I saw a warning sign for snakes. Not just your garden variety of snakes, but venomous dangerous snakes. If you know me at all, you know I hate snakes, venomous or not. I was pretty scared to get out of the car, but we had a fairly long drive. I was very aware of my surroundings that day.

I was used to alligator signs and occasionally seeing an alligator off in the distance, but snakes was a new thing. I have been in situations where snakes were probably present, but they didn’t make themselves known to me or I would have freaked out. I think I am more scared of snakes than alligators. I could just cut up the alligator and deep fry it. I have heard horror stories about rest stops. I am sure you have heard them too about women being kidnapped at rest stops and people hiding in their backseats waiting for them to return.  While most of them are probably just urban legends, it is good to be vigilant with your safety especially if you are alone.

Here is my post about Rest Stop Safety.

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