Monday, February 23, 2015

Cars Should Have Names Too

My family has had a habit of naming their cars. It all started with my cousin’s car Trudy. I am not sure why her name was Trudy, but it fit her personality perfectly. Trudy was an older clunker hatchback. It reminded me of a little old lady with her own little quirks. Trudy was an awesome car. My cousin and I went on many adventures in Trudy. You had to talk nicely to her and sometimes say Come on Trudy to get her to go or start. She was well loved by everyone who rode in her. My cousin was a college student at the time she owned Trudy. I miss her.  My other cousin had a car who was named Sherman. He had started staying with my grandma after my grandpa had passed away. He was there to keep an eye on our grandma and to keep her company. I spent a lot of time at my grandma’s house so I got to hang out with my cousin a lot. I always liked that, because we are twelve years apart in age, so growing up I didn’t see him as much as my other cousins. I would see him on occasion at family things. He used to run me to the store and take me to Mc Donald’s and other places. Sherman always smelled like fabric softener. I never did figure out why that was. I think he had some in the trunk.

 My aunt had a Neon who was named Janis. Janis became my cousin’s car and we drove to Texas in Janis. She was of course named after Janis Joplin. My mom had a car named Gracie too. The car my mom drove when Noah was really little was named The Green Car. The Green Car was the best car ever. Noah named it because it was green. The Green Car was always in the stories I would make up about a little boy named Noah. Do you name your car?

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