Sunday, January 11, 2015

The Day with no Heat

It has been really cold everywhere in the US. It’s even cold in Florida. Of course it’s not actually cold but when you are used to the warm weather, your skin thins out. Schools all over the United States are either canceling or delaying school due to the freezing weather and really low wind chills. It’s really important to have a warm place to take refuge from the cold. It’s also important to keep your heat working by doing maintenance on your unit. You can call Halo Heating and Cooling.  My heat had been pretty temperamental lately. I thought that it was just because it was so cold outside. It would get down to about 65 degrees and then kick on. It was trying to light but it wasn’t catching all the time. It would eventually start working so I was trying to hold off on getting it checked. It was a big mistake. I wasn’t really sure if there was really anything wrong honestly. One day this past week it wasn’t turning on no matter how much I tried, whatever tricks and prayers were just not doing the trick. It was so cold that I had no choice to call a heat repair man. It wasn’t safe for us when it was 52 degrees in my home. We spent time cuddling under multiple blankets until the repair tech came. Noah was never really too cold. He’s a little heat box. He sleeps with a fan on regardless of the temperature. He was helping me stay warm. Thankfully it wasn’t too long before they could come out and check it out. I was really nervous because I didn’t know what was wrong with it.

Everything was working but the lighting process. I knew I wasn’t going to need a new one, but after the refrigerator fiasco, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I didn’t even know an estimate of how much the repair would have cost before I agreed. My hands were tied though so I had to get it done. I was in contact with my aunt and uncle because I don’t know about heating. I am so glad that I asked him to light my fireplace when they were here. It did help some. Noah was at school so, I was glad that they didn’t cancel school that day. It was a really easy fix, the sensor was dirty, and so he just wiped it a few times. I am so happy it was just a dirty sensor and nothing else was wrong. Listen to me when I say furnace maintenance is really important. Get it checked. I know it’s a pain to wait for someone to come check your furnace and it costs money but if I would have gotten it checked I wouldn’t have had the problem I did. Don’t wait until something goes wrong because it could be a total pain for you. It’s dire for your family’s safety to be warm in the winter. I was honestly scared that we would freeze. The temperature was going down slowly but if I wouldn’t have gotten it fixed, it would have been bad. It’s better to be safe than sorry. You should also always change your filters every three months. They are cheap and easy to install as long as you know which way the air flow is. There may be an arrow on the unit you match up with the filter. With changing your filter every three months and getting your unit tuned up can save you from a very cold day indoors and the cost of repair, plus labor and parts.

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