Friday, January 23, 2015

The Dangers of Road Rage

Have you ever experienced road rage? It's really scary. It makes me think of the movie Joyride. That's like the ultimate road rage movie. It's about three kids that play a trick on a truck driver and he uses the road to get his revenge. People get so angry at other drivers sometimes. It's crazy. There's different degrees of road rage. Some are mild where you yell and cuss. Other times it can turn violent. It seems to be worse in those with anger issues.

My ex-husband had really bad rage and not just on the road. It can be frightening when you look over and see someone speeding up and resembling Cruella DeVil. Depending on the type of day you are having it can be easy to get angry too. It's extremely dangerous to deal with road rage because you never know what the other person will do. You may not know how to deal with it. Some of it is geographical. When I lived in south Florida, you had to drive the moment the light turned green or there would be a bunch of people honking. Everyone was always in a hurry. I witnessed some mild road rage down there. It wasn't anything really dangerous but it could have turned at any moment. There was a lot of cussing and an elderly woman shaking her cane at a car. It was funny for a few minutes but then it seemed serious. It's important to share your feelings and stay calm while driving so you don't turn in to an angry driver.

Here's a post about Road Rage and what to do. Hopefully you will never deal with it.

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