Thursday, January 22, 2015

Renting a Car for Road Trips is a New Trend

I have noticed a new travel trend. People have started renting cars to drive on road trips. My friends recently rented a car to drive 19 hours. I assumed they would have flown. It was interesting to hear about. I didn't think about renting a car to drive somewhere. There have been a couple times I have gone on vacation with a group of people and we rented a van. It was mostly because no one had a car that everyone could fit in. Instead of taking multiple cars it was a great option. It's actually a really smart idea for many reasons. Mileage is probably the biggest reason people rent cars for car travel.

It's definitely something I will consider for my next road trip. It would be fun to take an SUV and have extra room. I am not really van person unless it's a really comfortable one. After going on different road trips in vans I know that fifteen person passenger vans are really uncomfortable with a lot of people. I need space to spread out. I would have to remember what the rental car looks like. Sometimes I forget those things. I am pretty good at it. Renting a car can be much cheaper than flying or cheaper in the long run if you have an older car or one with car trouble.

Check out my post about renting a car for road trips for more reasons you should consider it. 

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