Thursday, January 22, 2015

Organizing your Car is Easy

Something happened when I became a mom, I became more organized. I used to be someone who liked what I call organized chaos. I knew where things were, they just didn't have a set home. Now I am organized and I am able to keep things organized. I still lose things sometimes but that's because someone either moved it or I put it up somewhere to keep it safe.

I used to also not really care if someone's car is clean and organized. It didn't really bother me too much. As long as it wasn't totally trashed, it was fine. Now that I am a mom I prefer for the car to be organized. It's hard to find things you may need. If we are out with friends, I am very picky when Noah is in the car. I don't expect the car to be sparkling clean but I would prefer him not to step on trash to get in the car. I totally understand that not everyone is organized. I think it's a skill you obtain, if you don't have it already, when you become a parent. It becomes a necessity because your child has a lot of stuff. You also have to be able to tell your child where something is in the car while you are driving. It's really easy to organize your car. It doesn't have to be a huge project or complicated process. It's nice to know where everything is.  If you had ever lost something in the car and spent an hour looking for something you can appreciate this. I think organizing has received a bad rep. It doesn't take a bunch of money or time to get your car in order. The hardest part is honestly putting things back where they belong. If you forget to put it back you risk losing it in the car or worse knocking it out when you get out. You can lose something really important or valuable.

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