Thursday, January 8, 2015

Men's Shaving Tips

I am personally not a fan of facial hair. I am not sure why that is. It just bugs me when it comes to a guy I am dating. If you knew my ex, you know he had a beard and a mustache, funny, I know. Facial hair doesn’t look good on every guy, rarely does it look good in my opinion. I prefer a guy who is clean shaven. I don’t like stubble. My skin is very sensitive and honestly it hurts. It can be hard to shave when you factor in things like having a steady hand or being left handed. I am left handed and I obviously don’t shave my face but I tend to nick my legs shaving. It can be really discouraging when you are shaving whatever and you see blood. Razor burn hurts so badly. I once had it in both armpits. It was all over. I think I slept with my arms up in the air that day.

Here is a great infograph from to help guys with some shaving hacks so they don’t hack their faces while shaving. It contains some really interesting tips that I have never thought of.  It tells you when to shave and how to shave. I am going to save these tips for Noah when he’s old enough to shave many years from now. I am not looking forward to him being at the shaving age. 

Be sure to share this with any guy who shaves.  I am sure they will thank you.  What do you think of these tips? Did you learn anything new? Do you have any other tips to add?

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