Friday, January 23, 2015

I Wish I Could Have Traveled when I was Pregnant

Being pregnant is such a fun and magical time. You are usually the center of attention. People dote over you. Even when you travel you receive the pregnant woman special treatment. It's kind of fun to be pampered sometimes. I have heard stories of people traveling while pregnant and strangers paid for their dinner or even gave a monetary gift for the baby. I think that is such a kind thing to do.  I wasn't able to travel while I was pregnant because I was high risk my entire pregnancy. I was put on modified bed rest at 18 weeks. I had Placenta Previa with the cord under the placenta. I don't think I went farther than twenty five minutes away from home my entire pregnancy. It really sucked because I love to travel so much. I didn't go on any vacations my entire pregnancy with Noah. It was such a chore to go anywhere for me. I was pretty much bed ridden. I was allowed to go a few places. We went to the county fair because I wanted an elephant ear. The weather was so hot that I had to rest after getting one. It was early July and I was pretty pregnant by then. I gained a lot of weight.  If you are healthy and have your doctor’s approval it can be fun to travel while you are expecting.

I did go on vacation with my first pregnancy. We went to a beautiful lake and stayed on my ex-husband's family's houseboat. When I was little, I experienced car sickness so I was a little worried when we drove down. Thankfully I am one of the lucky women who doesn't get morning sickness but I wasn't sure about the car. I figured out ways to prevent it and ways to make it more fun for everyone else. Being cooped up in a car can be frustrating when you have a tiny person growing inside your womb if you aren’t prepared.

Check out my post about traveling while you are expecting. Remember it is a special time. Cherish every moment.

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