Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Music about Cars

You can find songs about any topic or thing. You can think of anything and I am sure there is probably at least one song about it. That includes love, heartache, animals and even cars. There are so many songs about cars. Songs you sing in the car, songs about cars, songs dedicated to their cars and even songs that are metaphors using a car. You can also find songs about tragic car crashes and death. Really if you think about it, being in a car is a big part of everyday life. All kinds of things happen while riding in the car. Noah has lost a couple teeth in the car, which ended up lost. Thankfully, the tooth fairy is really understanding. One of my friends recently delivered her great niece in the front of her truck less than a mile from the hospital. I can definitely see why cars are often the topic of songs. I now wonder how many hours of our lives are spent in the car. My mom has spent the last month driving all over the place visiting. I know that she has spent many hours driving her car just traveling. You may have had your first kiss in a car after a date when you were younger. My first kiss was when I was seven, but I don't count that as a real kiss. Everyone has car memories, just some put them in artwork and some put them in songs and share it with the world for us to enjoy.

I compiled a list of some songs about cars that I really like, be sure to go read it.

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