Thursday, December 4, 2014

How to Save Money for Travel

When you love to travel like I do, you want to do it often. You also have to think of ways to fund your trip. You can save all your change or have a special travel fund. It seems like that may take forever. Sometimes trips come up at the last minute. You decide to get away or a loved one needs you. Unexpected travel happens. You have to plan for the unexpected. You should have a small savings if possible. It doesn't have to be strictly for travel. This fund can be for anything. Traveling doesn't have to be really expensive. There are tips and tricks to save while traveling. Everything from staying with family to packing your own meals. You could see as many loved ones as possible. Try to put together an impromptu reunion or get together. I love when my family gets together. Even when it's family I see often. We sometimes get together because someone is In town. It gives an excuse to see each other. I grew up really close to my cousins even though I am the youngest. We are still really close but don't spend nearly as much time together now that we are all adults with children, jobs and we are more spread out. One of my cousins lives in Switzerland now.

Cutting down or out some of the expenses can definitely help you have a better trip without making your pocketbook hurt.  Check out my tips and tricks to save money while traveling.

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