Thursday, December 4, 2014

How do you like to Travel?

Growing up we drove to most places when we traveled. I didn't mind riding in the car. I did get bouts of car sickness. I took medicine in a spoonful of peanut butter. Now as an adult I don't care for plain peanut butter. Noah has flown a lot. He had his first flight at eight months old. We also took our first major car trip when he was two months old. I think it has to do with preferences. When we visit my aunt and uncle in California we always fly. That's a really long drive. They always drive when they come visit us though. They bring their pups and always make a lot of side trips. One year they went to Texas to see my aunt and cousins. They also drove to Florida and South Carolina to see my sister. They stopped in Tennessee and ended up at my aunt's parents to see everyone else. When you fly, you can't do that. The days of meeting family or friends at the airport during a layover is no one longer permitted unless you go back through security. That just doesn't seem worth it. I wish I had my own jet and I could fly anywhere or a chauffeur in a huge comfortable car that could drive me anywhere.  Until teleporting is a viable travel method we ponder the question do we travel by car or by plane? There is so much to consider when planning your method of travel.

Check out my post about Car vs Plane Travel for important things to consider.

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