Friday, December 5, 2014

Buy Designer Items for Cheap Prices

Do you have expensive taste, but not a huge wallet? You should check out Designer2U. They have all kinds of really beautiful items. You can get things like shoes and purses and jewelry. Everything is high end brand name like Coach, Steve Madden and Kate Spade to name a few. It’s a fabulous bidding site. It’s really easy and fun too. Who doesn’t like the thrill of winning things? Here’s how it works, you purchase bids and you can use them to buy things well below market value. The bids are one cent each. For one dollar you receive one hundred bids. Once you win, you will be notified and you pay. Then your item is shipped to you or the recipient of your choice.  If you don’t win the item, that’s ok. There is so many more wonderful things to buy. You can save 50% to 80% off retail. You can look like you are wealthy without having to be.  Everything is guaranteed to be real and there are no knock offs on Designer2U. This would be a great way to knock out all your Christmas shopping for the women in your life. If you win by December 17th, it will be there in time for Christmas. If you don’t know what she may want, well you can get her a gift certificate and she can pick it out! With the prices a gift certificate could go a long way!

There are so many amazing items I had a hard time picking what to bid on. I did find a really pretty Coach Purse and I was able to try out the bidding process. It was a breeze. You can even do auto bids where you can set a price cap and the system does all the work for you. You don’t have to sit there and hit refresh over and over, unless you want to. I found it really exciting to see if I would win or not. I was so happy when I won.  Have fun bidding and let me know what you get!

Be sure to check out Designer2u for more information.

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