Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Gift Baskets for the Car

The holidays are fast approaching and we have started shopping for gifts. When you have a guy who loves his car almost as he loves you, you want to embrace that by getting him gifts for his baby. It is kind of like buying baby gifts for an expectant mother. When my sister was pregnant, I gave her a gift to buy something for her baby for Christmas. It's not exactly the same thing of course. Creating a car gift basket is really easy with a little know how and creativity. You will even score brownie points with the guy in your life. It will show him that you really put some thought in the gift and you are fine with how much he loves his car. I have dated a guy who loved his car to the point that he worked on it any chance he got. He was even a mechanic. My grandpa was a diesel mechanic and he spent a lot of time in his garage at home teaching my cousins how to work on cars. He also taught my uncles how to fix cars. My mom and aunt learned how to change tires and change oil. Don't get him another tie or a new sweater, make him a gift basket for his car. I am sure he will love it.

Check out my post about creating the perfect car gift basket for some inspiration.

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