Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Sheila's Strawberry Cake Recipe

One of my favorite fruits, probably my favorite fruit is strawberries. When they aren't in season they can be really expensive or not very sweet. I am also a really busy mom and I don't always have time to devote in the kitchen to make a dessert. I had to come up with something easy and delicious. Something my super picky kiddo would also enjoy. He gets sick of the same old desserts. So I thought about things we used to make growing up and I remembered what I called Strawberry Cake.  Now you can put strawberries on shortcakes, which I am not really a fan of. You can put strawberries on Angel Food Cake, while I love Angel Food Cake, I think it is perfect as is. I wanted to share with you my two ingredient Strawberry Cake Recipe.

Sheila's Strawberry Cake Recipe:

1 pound cake or slices of pound cake.  I think it's brilliant they sell it sliced. Coming from someone who never would finish a loaf.

1 container of frozen strawberries in the juice.

Defrost both the strawberries and the pound cake. Cut a slice or two of pound cake and top with a few spoonfuls of strawberries. Don't forget the extra juice.

You can top with whipped cream if you would like and enjoy.

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