Thursday, June 5, 2014

Never Lose a Photo again with Everalbum

I love taking pictures of Noah all the time. I usually use my phone because it's always with me. I take a lot of them at Noah's request. He will make something cool and say take a picture and post it. I also have a habit of taking multiple photos of the same thing. I have met the unfortunate fate of the dreaded memory is full warning a few times on my phone. So I would have two choices because it never happens when I have my computer. I could either upload a bunch of photos to Facebook even though I don't want to share all the photos I have taken or I can delete them. Both are time consuming and annoying. By the time I am done doing it, the moment has passed, the dolphins have swam away, the parade is gone and it's too late.  Also it's annoying to stop what you are doing to fix this problem. Thankfully I learned about an app called Everalbum with this app you no longer have to worry about running out of memory on your phone again. I love to take video of Noah's performances and awards ceremonies too. They eat up a lot of memory, add a bunch of apps and forget about it.

Key Value:
- Never worry about running out of space on your phone EVER again. Once your photos from your phone are backed up, you can delete your camera roll and any future photo you take will automatically be added and backed up to your Everalbum. 
- Never worry about losing family photos again. No matter if your computer breaks, or you lose your phone, once in Everalbum they are backed up and safe forever.
- Never worry about privacy or having your photos public. Privacy is very important to us and we’ve done everything possible to guarantee all of your photos are private to you and only you by default, except when you want to share your photos privately with family and friends.
- Very affordable pricing for families - $7.99/month or save 20% by buying yearly at $79/year and have up to 50,000 photos backed up in full resolution - Never worry about GBs, or MBs storage, we don’t care about that.

You can sign up for Everalbum Premium 

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