Thursday, June 26, 2014

Hike Your City with Kamino

Even when you live in a place like I do you still get bored every once in a while. You can only go to the same places so many times.  As much as I love the beach, it can get boring. There are sometimes I don't even want to go to the beach. I am just not in the mood. I guess I am spoiled when I get to go to the beach any time I want. I am always looking for fun things to do in my area. I learned about a new app called Kamino. It is a really neat travel app that creates what they call hikes. A hike is just different things to do in your city or the city you are visiting. I want to explore hidden gems. 
The unique thing about Kamino is you can create your own hike and share it with others. If I were to create a hike for my town I would make it my favorite things hike. I would start off at Johns Pass for shopping and lunch at Hooters. Johns Pass is a neat little fishing village. You can also go on boat rides, go fishing or even parasail. I would then go to Fort Desoto for some time at a gorgeous beach. It is the most beautiful place in Florida. It is a must see. They even have a dog beach. The picture in my header is Fort Desoto. After the beach, I would send you to The Florida Winery for free wine tastings and a tour. The Florida Winery makes their wines on site and they are citrus based so they are delicious. You will probably be hungry again so off to my favorite restaurant Leverocks for dinner. Everything on the menu is delicious. They have an amazing lobster bisque. The Gulf Coast Lobster Tails are always amazing. Save some room for dessert for some Peanut Butter Pie. I think that would be an amazing Fourth of July weekend hike.  
There is also a Fourth of July hike that another member created. It is a food and drinking hike. I am not a big drinker but I really love to eat.  It would be fun to see what other people come up with.  I love to travel. We recently went to Orlando and sometimes going to theme parks are annoying. I want to explore hidden gems.  It would also be fun to plan out a trip for a friend or have them experience your same trip. Who needs travel agents anymore? With Kamino, you can find interesting things to do. It's like you have the local’s opinion of the best things to do without knowing one. 
Here is more information from the developer:
Features of Kamino:
- Hikes on the fly: Find awesome new spots wherever you are.
- Expert recommendations: Get insights from travel experts and local gurus on the best hikes in town.
- Local treasures and hidden gems: Discover what you may have missed in your own backyard.
- GPS-guided hikes: Never get lost! Our built-in GPS system will always get you to your destination.
- Hikes tailored to your interests: Find out if a hike is dog-friendly, good for kids, or great for a night out with friends.
- Recommendations: Add your own as you go or when you get to your final destination.
- Create your own hikes: Share your favorite places with friends, family, and your community!
The best part of this app is it's free! I love Kamino and I look forward to planning new hikes based on other's recommendations and building hikes locally and on vacation. 
For more information please visit the Kamino website
You can find Kamino in iTunes for free.

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