Friday, May 30, 2014

Noah was Sick and Child Health Tips

This past weekend Noah hit two milestones. I am not happy about these milestones but I knew it was going to happen at some point. The first milestone that makes you a worried parent was his very first ear infection. He also had Pink Eye.  It’s common to get an ear infection and Pink eye at the same time because everything is so close together. He was miserable. His eyes were so red and he screamed about his ears hurting. I had to take him to the doctor after keeping him home two days from school. Sure enough he was sick. The doctor basically looked at him and said he has pink eye and looked in his ears and he had an ear infection. That was that. She handed me a prescription for Augmentin aka the super expensive antibiotic, that no store includes in free antibiotics.  So this is milestone number two, he had his very first prescription. Any other illness he has had was treatable with over the counter stuff. He is extremely healthy. *Knocks on wood twice*. The two different places I went the pharmacists were impressed when I said it was his very first prescription when they asked me if he had been there before. 

I thought I would share some tips on keeping your children healthy.

Wash hands after going to the bathroom and before you eat. You can also wash your hands when you come home from the grocery store.

 Parents you are the example, if you start a routine your child will follow

If you are eating something with nuts wash your hands after, so you don’t accidently make someone else sick.

Take multivitamins every day

Eat healthy and drink a lot of milk and water

Keep your hands to yourself, don’t share hairbrushes, lip balms etc, with your friends. They may be sick.

Be aware of what sicknesses are going around where your child goes to school

Keep doctor’s appointments and well checkups.

If you choose to vaccinate, keep up to date on their shots

Don’t share drinks or share food with others

If your child gets sick, remind them to:

Cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze and throw away used tissues.

Stay home from school or daycare until you don’t have a fever or at least a day or two with a cold.

Sometimes when you are sick you miss out on fun things like field day or a trip to the playground but you don’t want to make your friends sick too.

Rest as much as possible, even if you think you feel better, you still need rest.

Even if your mom pays extra for them to flavor your meds and it tastes bad, you still need to take it.

Parents don’t stress, sickness happens. It’s usually just a germ they picked up. Remember the more
children your child is in contact with, the more likely they will get sick.

For more health tips and great information about health check out Molina Healthcare.

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