Saturday, April 12, 2014

Ten things you should never do on an online dating site

Since everyone is online and in social networking, some people look for love online. For whatever reason you decide to join whether it's because you are new to the area or work a lot there are things you should know not to do. This is geared more to my male readers, but good tips for anyone to know that isn't ok. These are in no particular order.

10. Most people are not ready to meet someone within just moments of a first message. Don't ask them out right away. Get to know someone first.  Slow and steady wins the race.

9. Don't rely on physical appearance. Don't just choose someone because they look pretty or handsome. That is kind of superficial. Personality is the most important thing.

8. Don't ask someone if they think you are attractive. It looks like you are just looking for compliments or validation. Everyone wants to be loved but you need to love yourself. Don't rely on someone else's opinion to base your self worth.

7. Don't ask for someone's number to text or talk on the phone right away. I understand that texts are instant and logging in to the site can be annoying, but at the same time it helps control when and who you talk to. Sometimes you don't feel the same way about someone you talk to and they will text you a million times. Sometimes you are called names so better to make sure this is a controlled environment. 

6. Everyone likes compliments, but be mindful of how you compliment them. Being told that you are attractive, smart, funny or have a great personality is awesome. Stay away from commenting on their body or certain parts. It is rude and inappropriate. Make respectful compliments.

  5. Don't ask for naked pictures. Don't send them of yourself. If you wouldn't send the picture to your mom or grandma, don't send it to some stranger on a dating site. Don't use graphic language.

4.  Don't message someone over and over asking where they went if they don't respond instantly. People get busy with life and log out and it may take a few days to respond to you. Be patient.

3. Don't assume every person is the one. Become friends first, not everyone is going to be a love connection. There is a reason why Chuck Woolry had three dates on Love Connection. Even then not every time there was a match.

2. Don't be boring. Put thought in to what you write. Even if that means you take a while to respond. Read it, take a while to formulate your response and don't be too personal. Don't ask them to ask you questions.

1. No means no. Don't pressure someone or nag them to do something they don't want to do or don't feel comfortable with.

I know most of this is common sense but I thought that I would make this list. These are very common things I have noticed being on dating sites.

What tips would you add to not do on a dating site?

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