When I first heard of extreme couponing, I thought that this crazy. Who needs all that stuff?? How many bottles of ketchup does a family need? The more I thought about it lately I thought I would like to be an extreme couponer to help feed hungry families. Not just families with kids but families with older people too. They often are lost in the shuffle. Older people are just important. A lot of them are on extremely fixed income and can't afford enough food. I would love to help them too. I wish that extreme couponing was real. Something normal people like I can do. I am great at couponing, but at the same time there are strict rules. The extreme couponers have ruined it for me to be able to do something like this.

Today we went to the zoo. We saw a woman who had a sign that said she was homeless and hungry. My friend gave her a couple bucks.  My friend told me it was probably going to drugs and alcohol. I said maybe but we just have to hope that she will really use it for food. It made me sad that she was out there. Honestly, I have no idea what her motives were. I said to her God Bless You. I said a little prayer for her and hoped for the best.  It's not just people that have signs that are hungry. It's our friends, neighbors, people down the street you just may not know. It is embarrassing to admit. I would love to be able to help them. 

Unfortunately I can't afford to help like I want to. There's my grandma Rose in me coming out. She started a soup kitchen who has fed hundreds of thousands of people.  There has to be a way I can do something. My Grandma Rose found a way maybe I can too. Maybe I became a blogger to help those who are hungry. I work with companies so maybe somehow.  Maybe I could see if they could donate coupons for free products to help. I would think that would be the best because I don't really have the space to store a ton of stuff right now. That way I could put together packages as they are needed. I could throw in coupons if it is a freezer item or perishable item.  I would call it Rose's Kitchen in honor of my grandma Rose who would never let anyone go hungry.