Thursday, March 27, 2014

The Dangers of Prank Calls

For some reason I was thinking about prank calls. I remember calling people when I was younger and saying weird things in the phone. We all did it. We were all immature. We knew that in order to not be *69ed for you younger readers, you could dial *69 and it would call the last person who called you back and give you their number. You dialed *67 waited for the dial tone and dialed. It made it so they didn't know who was calling. It cost 75 cents to *69 someone.  Then caller id came out.  So if you forgot the *67 your number showed up.  Then privacy manager came out. You would get a recording and you would have to say your name or something if you blocked your number. Then the owner would deem you worthy of taking the call. That cut down on prank calls a lot. People still prank call and they think it is harmless fun. It isn't. It is considered harassment. It is so easy for someone to access who is calling now. 

When I was younger my friends and I thought it would be funny to call a pizza place, where we used to work and order someone 20 party pizzas. Sounds harmless. Yeah not so much. The phone number my so called friend gave was someone else's. She called them and told them we made a mistake and to agree to the order.  We got in so much trouble. I had to go to the police station at 1 am. I was in big trouble. Thankfully they didn't press charges. If you are thinking about making a prank call to someone, take my advice and don't do it. You could get in serious trouble. You will get caught, you could end up in the police station at 1 am crying and scared that you are going to jail.  Just because you think something was funny does not mean everyone else will.

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