Monday, March 24, 2014

The Butterball Cookbook Plus App Review

If you know me, you know how important food is to me. I love to eat. A lot of my memories have food associated with the memory. One of my favorite meals is smoked sausage and fried potatoes.  It reminds me of my grandparents. My Grandma Rose always made smoked sausage and fried potatoes for my Grandpa and my uncles when they would come over for lunch. The smell of fried potatoes and smoked sausage, transports me to my Grandma’s kitchen. My mom also made this meal for me a lot when I was growing up. I had the opportunity to try out some Butterball Turkey Dinner Sausage. I had never tried turkey sausage before. I was excited to see how it fared to what I was used to. Butterball also has a free app called Butterball Cookbook Plus. It has all kinds of recipes. There are so many good ones. I think the Pizza Turn Overs sound amazing. I also thought the Mini Spinach and Turkey Bacon Quiches sound really good.  Here is more information about the app:

Butterball ® Cookbook Plus is only FREE for a limited time so make sure you snag this app while you can!

Butterball ® Cookbook Plus also features in-app purchases for additional themed recipe packs including how to prepare gluten-free meals for more delicious recipe ideas.

Voice Commands: Advanced recipe instructions, using simple voice commands. I love this because I can know the recipe hands free. 

My Recipe Box: Bookmark your favorite recipes from within the app and add recipes from your personal collection.  I love the recipe box, the most. I can find all the recipes I want to try without having to write them down.

Network with Friends and Family: Share what you're cooking with friends and family via email and Facebook I love sharing recipes with friends and family via Social Media.

Kitchen Tools: Access to multiple timers, substitution lists, and measurement conversion charts are tools everyone in the kitchen needs. 

Never forget an item again with the Shopping List. Tag ingredients directly from a recipe and add them your shopping list. Print or email your list. Talk about convenient. 

I had thought about trying the Classic Smoked Sausage Mac and Cheese, but I decided that since I have wanted Dinner Sausage and fried potatoes, I would test the Turkey Sausage as is. I am so glad I did. It was really delicious. One thing I noticed was it isn’t as fatty as beef smoked sausage. There wasn’t a ton of grease in the bottom of the pan. I think that is great. Sometimes when I eat smoked sausage I feel kind of greasy inside.  I feel that it is a great alternative for Beef Dinner Sausage. I did notice a slight difference in taste, which is to be expected. It was really good. I even enjoyed the leftovers for lunch today.  I will definitely try out the other recipes and let you all know what I think.

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  1. Wow, this really does it all - recipes, baking pan info, conversion info, shopping lists. All of that makes it a wonderful app - toss in pizza turnovers and make it free (for a limited time), and I simply cannot resist.