Monday, December 16, 2013

vukee Photo Book App Review

I received a camera for Christmas last year, while I love it, I don’t always bring it with me everywhere. I have my phone with me everywhere I go. I take more photos on my iPhone than with my camera. A camera is just another thing to lug around. You never know when you will have a great photo opp. Some of my favorite photos are ones that just happened. I have a photo of Noah in a tree, he just climbed up in it and looked like the king of the world. He was so proud that he did it all by himself. I would have missed that moment if I would have relied on bringing my camera. I have over 1,000 photos on my iPhone. I have some great shots but I don’t want to keep them on my phone for forever. I learned about an app called vukee. You can make beautiful photo books, postcards and calendars right from the app! You don’t even have to mess with getting online and dealing with your computer.  A photo book from vukee would be a great holiday gift for a loved one. It would be a very sweet way to show your family how your children have grown. You could also make a photo book for your vacation. What would be cooler than sitting at the airport, waiting for your flight home and already have your photo book made? Talk about easy. I am always sitting bored in airports after a fun trip. It only takes two minutes, so you can really make your photo book, calendar or postcards anywhere, even while waiting at the checkout.

You could make a special calendar for grandparents. One of my favorite gifts I received was a photo calendar of Noah. Skip the premade kittens and puppies calendars, make one that means something and isn’t just cute. Every month is a new photo. You can even order postcards. Personalized post cards would be great for holiday cards, birth announcements, Save the date reminders or just because cards. I love that they ship anywhere in the world. My dad lives in England and it would be a great gift for him to send a photo book of Noah. I send him some pictures through email but then he has to print them. I love that vukee takes care of shipping them out. I don’t like going to the post office, and our little post office doesn’t have the same services as the big one. The post office is usually a zoo anyways this time of year.  

I have ordered photo books in the past and it took weeks to be printed and then longer to ship. Did you know that vukee prints within 72 hours? That is really fast and off it goes to you or your loved one.  No more wondering and waiting for your photos to be printed. I love the free ePhotobook you get for every order. You can share it via email, Facebook and Twitter. What an easy way to share your photos with everyone without having to send them all a printed book.  I love looking at my friends photos on Facebook and Twitter.  All of the products are extremely affordable too! Photo books start at $7.99. If you were to order other places they are usually twenty five dollars.  There are over 8 different layouts to create your own custom design, from classic to modern. vukee is also offering users both a 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee, and up to 60% discount on their first photo book.

For more information please visit vukee’s website.

You can find the vukee app in iTunes.

It is also available in Google Play.

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  1. I love the idea that you can get both an electronic and hard copy of the photobooks. Having the books is nice, but I like the idea of being able to share them on social media or via e-mail, too.

  2. I agree, getting the electronic and hard copy is pretty awesome. Of course, so is Darth Vader. :)