Tuesday, December 24, 2013

E-Cigarette Reviewed Create Your Own Flavor Contest

This is a sponsored post on behalf of ecigarettereviewed.com.

Some people chose to smoke e-cigarettes over real cigarettes. They are supposed to be not as dangerous because you aren’t inhaling all the tar and extra chemicals in them.  They are also cleaner for the air and there is no second hand smoke.  There is no second hand smoke because they are water vapor.   Smoking an e-cigarette is commonly referred to as vaping. Traditional smoking has been banned from almost everywhere besides some bars. E-cigarettes give you the freedom to smoke almost anywhere.  You can smoke them anywhere. You no longer have to worry about falling asleep in bed with a lit cigarette and risk starting a fire. You can match the strength of cigarette you normally smoke with an ecig.  They are also a lot more affordable because each cartridge is equal to a pack and a half.   How do you know which one to use? There are so many different brands out there.  It is important to read electronic cigarette reviews to see what others think.


 Ecigarettes also come in a bunch of flavors.  Regular cigarettes only come in a few flavors and they are disgusting. If you aren’t a menthol smoker you are stuck with that bitter nasty taste of a light or regular cigarette.  I have seen e-cigarettes in cherry flavor, tropical, chocolate and even bubble gum.  The sky is the limit.  Some of the flavors that would sound appealing to me would be not the typical fruity or minty flavors. I love to eat so I would like food flavored ones. I know what you are thinking, this is kind of like Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory and the gum that turns Violet in to a blueberry.   I would love to see a garlic flavored e-cigarette.  I love the taste of garlic. It is one of my most favorite foods. I would also like to see a cilantro flavored one.  I have a cilantro plant and I am always randomly picking off leaves to eat. I think that others would enjoy those flavors as well. I also contemplated a parmesan cheese flavor but I don’t think that would translate well in an e-cigarette. If I were to create a sweet flavor, I would definitely say a cupcake flavored one. Everyone loves cupcakes. I wouldn’t be able to pick just one flavor so there would have to be a whole cupcake flavored line.

My friends over at E-Cigarette Reviewed are having an awesome giveaway! You can create your own unique ecigarette flavor.  Did you know that they are the leading brand of ecigarettes? Check out the V2 e-cig reviews.

The giveaway will take place on the ecigarettereviewed Facebook Page. To enter, each participant will name a unique flavor that they would want to vape. Participants will then vote to nominate the best flavor.

The person with the winning flavor will win 100 cartridges of that flavor, custom made by V2 Cigs (creation and shipping will take about 60 days). If there is a close tie, there could be multiple winners.

You can get a special discount of 15% off V2 coupon  if you want to try them today!
Be sure to enter the giveaway and have the chance to win your own custom flavor of V2 Cigs.

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