Saturday, November 16, 2013

Ultra Bouncing Bubbles Review

Most kids love bubbles. I still enjoy blowing bubbles at 32. There is something therapeutic about it. I remember the first time I blew bubbles with Noah, he was mesmerized.  As he got older he would chase after them and try to catch them. I could tell he was frustrated when he touched them they would pop.  I learned quickly that you can’t really catch bubbles but it is also fun to pop them. He started popping them chasing them. Secretly, we all wish we could hold bubbles and carry them around.  Noah and I still blow bubbles all the time together. There are a million types of bubble wands, guns, fans and other toys. We have owned a lot of them.  We like to make bubbles while we wash our hands.  I showed him how to blow bubbles with his hands. He hasn’t quite mastered that skill yet, but we are practicing. 

So, when I had the chance to receive some Ultra Bouncing Bubbles I was so excited.  Ultra Bouncing Bubbles are bubbles but you get a special glove where you can hold the bubbles and bounce them in your hand.  We really love this product and are having so much fun bouncing the bubbles together.  It is fun to see how many times we can bounce them before they pop.  Sometimes we drop them and then they splat on the ground.  We just laugh and start again.  I think blowing bubbles with Noah is one of my favorite activities because it never gets old. We can do it for hours and still laugh and act silly together.  Ultra Bouncing Bubbles would be a great stocking stuffer for any child. They would also be great gift for your child’s friends.  I have yet to meet someone who doesn’t love bubbles. I am sure if you gave the strongest most macho man bubbles he would blow them.

For more information please visit the Ultra Bouncing BubblesWebsite. 

I received complimentary samples to facilitate my review, all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

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